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By: Macarena Eslava


Date: February 14th, 2023

Moving to a new city with your family involves multiple considerations ranging from logistical aspects to cultural and emotional adjustments. If you are considering moving your family to Seville, here are some important things to keep in mind.

  1. Housing: Find a suitable home for the size and needs of your family. Consider proximity to schools, parks, hospitals and other essential services.
  2. Schools: Research the schools available in Seville, both public and private but if your children don’t speak Spanish, you may want to consider bilingual or international schools.
  3. Health: Find out about the health system in Spain and how to access medical services in Seville. If your family is not covered by the public system, consider purchasing private health insurance.
  4. Cultural integration: Seville has a rich Andalusian culture. Encourage participation in cultural activities and local festivals such as the April Fair or Holy Week to help your family integrate and better understand the local culture.
  5. Language Classes: If Spanish is not your family’s native language, consider enrolling your children and yourself in Spanish classes to facilitate communication and adjustment.
  6. Transportation: Find out about transportation options in Seville. If you decide to buy or rent a car, find out about traffic and parking regulations.
  7. Support networks: Look for groups or communities of expatriates in Seville. These networks can offer advice, activities and valuable support during the adjustment process.
  8. Leisure and recreation: Discover activities and leisure places for your family, such as parks, museums, cinemas and sports centers. Seville offers a wide variety of activities for children and adults year round.
  9. Legal aspects: Make sure you have all the necessary documentation for your family, such as visas, residence and work permits.
  10. Cost of living: Assess the cost of living in Seville and create a family budget that includes recurring expenses, such as rent, utilities, food and entertainment.
  11. Emotions: A move can be emotionally challenging. Talk to your family about your feelings, establish routines, and spend time exploring and enjoying the city together. Bring some pictures and personal items with you to decorate and help your new place feel more like home.
  12. History and traditions: Seville is a city with a rich history. Take the opportunity to learn about the traditions, history and cultural heritage of the city with your family.

Moving to a new city, especially one as rich and diverse as Seville, can be an exciting and enriching experience for your family. Therefore, with proper planning and an open mind, it is an opportunity to grow and learn together. Good luck on this new adventure!

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