Helpful Information

Your arrival in Seville

When arriving in a new city, whether for work, study, travel or relocation, there are several aspects you should consider to ensure a successful transition and adaptation. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Geographic orientation: Familiarize yourself with the city using maps, navigation applications or tourist guides. Identify key landmarks, such as transportation stations, hospitals, supermarkets, and places of interest.
  2. Public transportation: Understand how the public transportation system works, its schedules, costs and main routes. If you plan to use it regularly, investigate if there are special cards or passes.
  3. Accommodation: If you don’t already have a place to stay, look for temporary accommodations while you find permanent housing. Consider factors such as security, access to services and connectivity with other areas of the city.
  4. Basic services: Locate supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, banks and other essential services. Knowing where they are will make your daily life easier.
  5. Safety: Find out about the most and least safe areas of the city. Be sure to follow tips and precautions to maintain your personal safety.
  6. Local norms and customs: Each city has its own culture and norms of behavior. Familiarize yourself with local traditions, festivities and etiquette to adapt and respect the locals.
  7. Networking and Connections: Join groups or communities, both online and in person, related to your interests or profession. These networks will help you establish yourself and provide you with support. We strongly recommend joining groups like the AWC of Seville. You will enjoy a wonderful support group and socialize with other expats.
  8. Emergencies: Write down and keep local emergency numbers, such as police, fire, and hospitals, in an accessible place.
  9. Weather and clothing: Find out about the local climate and make sure you have the right clothing, especially if the city has weather conditions that you are not used to.
  10. Legal aspects and documentation: If you have moved to another country or region with different regulations, make sure you have all the necessary documents in order, such as visas, work permits or local IDs.
  11. Recreational Activities: Explore entertainment venues, parks, museums and other attractions. This will not only help you relax, but also integrate and get to know the city better.

Adjusting to a new city can take time, but being proactive and well-informed from the beginning will make the process much easier. Good luck on your new adventure!